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Introducing the next evolution in DOOH (Digital Out Of Home) audience measurement.

LENS is a relatively new company that has hit the ground running. Latch accepted the challenge of creating a piece of groundbreaking technology that would be the first of its kind in the DOOH space. The software we created brings a level of transparency around live data collection and reporting that is unparalleled. It assists LENS to fill a gap in the market in a unique way that boasts great success for the campaigns they advertise. In the development phase, we recognised that DOOH reporting has previously been a very untrustworthy means of collecting data. What LENS does to counter this is bring more transparency to real data, with an accuracy rate of 99%.

Initially, Latch’s position with LENS was confined to testing. The question of whether this was even a possibility needed to be addressed before any further action commenced. In the early stages, many questions arose, however positive results quickly ensued, allowing for an analysis of real, live data that allowed the software to recognise a growing number of patterns, providing LENS’ clients a deeper understanding of their audience. As our team worked on this project the potential for this software to be an extraordinary success quickly became apparent.

‘Throughout the process, decisiveness and adaptability were at the forefront of any development and were vital to its success.’

Creating this vision began with a cost effective MVP with live data to test and determine if this vision was possible. Next came building mechanisms to ensure reliability and scalability. Getting this correct from the starting block was very important to us. Once we ensured this had been completed, the real challenges arose. As this idea was the first of its kind worldwide, creating the technology behind it required a full scale analysis of the risks to avoid any discrepancies. By treating LENS as a start up and building the software from scratch meant all risks were mitigated. Throughout the process, decisiveness and adaptability were at the forefront of any development and were vital to its success.

As a given, anything that is the first of its kind will always come with challenges and hurdles. Initially the task of dealing with such a massive amount of data needed a solution. To date, we have seen tens of millions of data points gathered and stored allowing campaign insights to be quickly gathered and implemented into advertising. By caching blocks of data in a certain way meant we successfully found a way to call large quantities of data and create a campaign report for LENS’s client.

Moving forward we continue to work with LENS, continuously bettering the software. Based on the enormous success of LENS, you will soon be seeing international clients on a billboard near you.