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Latch endeavours to create software that makes life easier for our clients.

Recently, we worked with LUMO Labs; the internal creative arm of LUMO. When it comes to campaigns, it goes without saying that the creative is the focal point. LUMO Labs is the central hub of the creativity for the company’s DOOH campaigns. Latch assists Labs with managing this stage of the process.

Recently our team developed a dynamic, technical piece of software that allows for the content of the billboards to be resized for the entire LUMO network. This means the content can be successfully displayed on LUMO’s differing billboard sizes around the nation. 

    Additionally the software serves another purpose. It brings LUMO’s clients in on the process, allowing them to gain access, create a new campaign, upload their designs, and from here the software works its magic. By resizing the content into portrait, landscape and square, the client is afforded the choice of various specs that are then launched around the nation on LUMO digital billboards for the country to see. 

    What we have found from this development is that it cuts a lot of unnecessary back and forth between LUMO and their client trying to establish the nitty gritty. The straightforward and efficient nature of the software, results in a timely eventuation from idea to launch. It saves all parties involved time and means that Labs can easily manage their large number of clients seamlessly. 

    Client testimonial:

    “Partnering with Latch was a crucial part of LUMO Lab’s development from Start-Up to dominate Large Format Digital Out-of-Home supplier. Latch helped produce and consult on all our processes so that we could offer market-leading solutions to our clients. This allowed LUMO to grow in a market dominated by large international companies. We now have all our management software in-house and even a dedicated Digital Creative Agency called LUMO Labs which has created hundreds of bespoke software builds for our clients.”

    If your company needs an efficient piece of software built to increase productivity and efficiency, get in touch and we can help you streamline your business.