Website Process

At Latch Digital we value our clients’ visions and work with them throughout each stage to make this a reality. Development of our projects relies on open lines of communication with clients. From initial discussions, to the live launch of the website and ongoing maintenance, we follow a linear process that ensures every consideration is taken into account to ensure an end result that exceeds expectations. Your website development journey with us will look a like the following:

Initial steps
Positive relations are vital to the process. Once you have made the decision to work with us, you can let us know via our client form/new client briefing template. From here we set up a discussion (free of charge) with the goal of understanding your business and gaining insight into the size and scope of the project. Following this discussion, our team will conduct independent research around your brand, the industry, and any other relevant areas. The reason we do this is to understand your industry on a greater level, look at your competitors and gauge standard practice within the industry.


1: Proposal

Our research will be put into action as we draft a formal proposal. Included in this will be information on what we will create, ideas we are drawing from, an estimated cost (broken down into individual costs), and any other information related to the creation of your website.

2: Design

Next comes content acquisition. We require all your businesses branding such as logos, fonts and colour schemes, in order to incorporate them into the website and assist with the sitemap design. By receiving your key brand messaging, we can tell the story of your business through the content on your website, and include prominent call to actions (CTAs) to drive engagement.

3: Creation

After acquiring all the information we need from you, our team puts together a wireframe of the website design. Once the aesthetic has been agreed upon, our team of developers start work on the back-end and front-end development. Maintaining a website is an ongoing process. You will want to add content and keep it up to date. Latch gives you the option to create this content yourself, or we can do it for you.

4: Training

Training is an often overlooked stage of website development, however it is vital that your team understands the website functionality in order to get the most out of it. Included in training is content posting, user administration, and basic layout information.

5: Live

Prior to going live, the final steps will include securing your website. Upon completion of these final touches, your website will be ready for launch. Despite this being the last step of set-up, it is not the last stage of our relationship. We will continue to work with you to better your website and keep it up to date (especially with the latest security measures).