How to use social media to boost your website visibility and profits

Social media is a key player when it comes to boosting website visibility and profits. Nowadays it can be very easy for your website to get lost in the blackhole that is Google. Despite using SEO to optimize your website visibility, social media can provide great assistance for increasing your businesses success. 

Worldwide, around 48% of people use social media for a number of reasons, with each of these users spending roughly 2.5 hours a day across their active accounts. These statistics provide clear evidence that utilising social media as a tool to boost your website traffic will show results. Now that you have identified the need to use social media, how do you create a strategy to incorporate it into your marketing? Look no further, below are tips on how to get started: 

  1. Use multiple social media channels 

Teasing your website across various social channels will increase the range of your audience, as well as saving you time. Across these channels you can share the same content, with the exception of small changes to cater for your audience. For instance, the wording of a post may be slightly different on Instagram than on LinkedIn. This goes hand-in-hand with staying consistent. You want to be posting often so that users are continually drawn to your business. You also want to be following similar pages, in order for those following other pages to notice yours. 

  1. Include your website link in social media posts

Having a social media presence is key as 54% of those on various platforms research products and look for recommendations and reviews on social media. Think about a time you have looked up a company or a restaurant on Instagram to gauge what the product looks like. It is the new way for businesses to gain credibility. When users come looking for answers on social media, make sure to include your website link in your bio, and posts where you can. 

  1. What content to post on social media  

In terms of what to post on social media to draw users to your website, you can include things such as:

  • giveaways that prompt people to navigate to your landing page to enter; 
  • Offer limited information on certain products on your socials, and prompt users to navigate to your website for more information; and
  • tease upcoming products that will be released on your website.

The saying ‘curiosity killed the cat’, is your bestfriend when it comes to promoting your website on your social channels. You want users curious and looking through your content for more information. All this is useful to your strategy, however you also want to ensure you are posting this content to your followers at optimal times of the day. Integrating various tools into your website and socials can help you manage this and find what times work for you. 

  1. Interact with users

The saying goes, no publicity is bad publicity. Stay on top of your reviews and comments so that you can address any positive or negative communications you receive. On your website it is unlikely that users will be able to post about their experience, unless they are contacting customer service. People using your product or service are likely to post about your business on social media, so if someone posts a positive review as a comment, ask if you can include the review on your website to start building up positive experiences that those drawn to your website can see. As well as this, you want to stay on top of negative attention. If a user complains about a product being broken, not being as good as they want it to be etc, you can reply to their comments in a positive manner so that other users can see how you proactively deal with issues such as these. 

  1. Use ads on social media channels 

Marketing on social media is one way to increase visibility and draw users to your website to purchase products, thus increasing your profitability. Advertising on social media allows you to refine who sees your ads in order to fit your target audience. These ads can click off onto your website, driving traffic. Promoting your business in this way allows you to set budgets and track how successful it is. 

Increasing visibility has a direct link to generating higher profits. In this day and age it would be naive to disregard social media as a form of advertising. It is free, has a guarantee of being seen and allows you to control the narrative of your business. Following the above steps, you are almost guaranteed to see greater levels of website traffic.