How to set up your basic website SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO), is a free method of optimizing website visibility on search engines to draw through traffic. Understanding and aligning your SEO with the search engine algorithm increases your chances of being ranked higher in searches. Essentially the whole purpose of SEO is discovery. Appearing higher than your competitors will increase the likelihood that online users will purchase your product or service. Each SEO strategy you include gets you one step closer to the top of the search ranking. 

SEO is not built to provide instantaneous results, it can take time, sometimes even years. If you want quicker results you should consider paid search. With paid search you will always appear at the top of searches when certain keywords are searched for. 

If you choose to use SEO, there are three forms you should incorporate into your digital marketing strategy: 

1: On-page

On-page optimization relates to the content you as a business have on your website. You want to optimize this by including specific keywords in your content to attract traffic and create relevant, useful content for people to see.   

2: Off-page  

This optimization is done via strategies that aren’t directly on your website. Backlinks are a good example of off-page optimization as they draw users to your website from different online locations. By encouraging activities related to your website elsewhere online, you will be creating another source of SEO. 

3: Technical 

Technical SEO occurs behind the scenes in the sense that it is not able to be seen by online users. It refers to the activities you do such as….

SEO is important as it increases your website’s ranking, leading to greater discovery. There are countless sites on the internet, and being located on page 5 of a Google search is not going to help your business succeed. You want to be on page 1 where you are easy to find. Additional to being easy to find, being visible on the earlier pages increases your impression of legitimacy.  Basically, SEO increases your chances of being found, making sales, and increasing your profit margin.