Selling a product or service is not the only reason for having a website

You may be wondering what the point in having a website for your business is if you are not selling a product or providing a service. We can confirm that having a website is one of the best ways to bring attention to your business. A website is the home of critical information for anybody hoping to engage with your business. COVID-19 has made it more important than ever to have a website as isolation periods and lockdowns have meant people are spending more time online. This provides a great opportunity to get online and get discovered.


Why have a website even if you are not selling anything?

  1. Build Credibility for your Brand

    Having a legitimate website makes you a more credible business. Adding contact information further increases this credibility. Being easy to find, easy to contact, and having a space with information about your business that is easily identifiable removes doubt about your legitimacy.

    Note that much of this credibility comes down to the appearance of your website. When it comes to websites, a good first impression is of vital importance. In fact studies suggest that upon landing on your homepage it takes just 5 milliseconds (0.05 seconds) for a user to decide whether they are going to stay on your website or leave. A blurry logo alone is enough to create distrust within your visitors, driving them away towards your competitors’ websites. Be sure to keep this in mind when developing your website.


  1. 24/7 Customer Service and Support

    With a website comes the opportunity to open up communications with your visitors and potential customers. Visitors will likely have questions about your business even if you’re not selling a product or service, so it’s critical that your website allows for questions and queries. A website is a cost effective manner of keeping communications open and easy. This could be via phone calls, emails, FAQs, or live chat (chatbots).

    A website means that keeping visitors engaged with your content is a few clicks away. News, announcements and blog posts on your website mean that you can avoid sending out EDM’s that likely end up in your recipients spam folder.


  1. Create your own narrative

    Being in control of your online presence means controlling the narrative. Other platforms such as Yelp will likely already have created some form of online presence for your business, so why not take control of it yourself and become the first port of call. 


  1. Growth opportunity

    Going online creates a whole new geographical reach. You instantaneously become visible to people all around the world. 



What to ensure your website has:

  1. Professional web design

    Visitors’ engagement is the aim of the game. Countless studies have shown that in order to promote this it is critical to have a professionally designed website that prioritises your visitors needs.


  1. Portfolio Showcasing your Work

    Displaying previous work means you can ‘show not tell’ people your capabilities, and achievements. Click here to view Latch’s portfolio


  1. Mobile Friendly Site

    Users are 74% more likely to return to a mobile friendly site. With over half the website traffic in 2021 being on mobile devices, this is key to building a good user experience. 



Additions to your online presence:

Once you have created a website for your business, take it one step further to boost discovery with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO can be on-page, off-page or technical. If you choose to begin using all three types of SEO, you will quickly increase your visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Currently, Google accounts for around 70% of global web traffic. What this means for SEO is that in order to get the most out of it, it pays to play by Google’s algorithm. 

To take control of your online presence and create the narrative you want, contact us here to begin your journey. Our team works on projects of all sizes and caters our approach to your needs.